Bastards Of The Plague

by One Last Shot

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released October 31, 2013

Lyrics by Jeremy Miller

Additional Lyrics by William Control on "5. Bury A Legend"
Additional Vocals by William Control of Aiden
& Matt Good of From First To Last



all rights reserved


One Last Shot Syracuse, New York

"Horror-influenced hardcore-punk quintet One Last Shot propel their band in a manner befitting their name, setting aside both anxiety and frustration to grasp every opportunity presented to them without fear—as if it’s their last." -Alternative Press

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Track Name: The Bastards (Intro)
We welcome,
You all to
Take part in all our sorrows
For this is where we go
Where there are no tomorrows
No hallowed
No named
Not titles
We're all the same
From dust
We all will rise
Track Name: Ghost In Snow
The Darkness came forth from the very start She opened up the stitches ripped out the heart From now on the Bride will be miss-used She kept the photos locked up from the groom

He's pissing right onto her grave YEAH! You kept the kids inside their cage your vows were written in blood but the serpents all knew She still had to fuck

We turn back, like we know We won't come back alive We turn back, like you know We'll end up like ghosts in snow

We turn back, like we know That there is no chances we'll win We turn back, like you know We'll end up like ghosts in snow

Even if you had all the evidence The power between her legs will eventually win The teeth sunk in faster than they did before Fell in love with a vamp whose occupations a whore

The Kids were set free tonight! YEAH! the bride won't be a wife The Groom drank a glass of gas And added a match to save him from attack
Track Name: Wolves Skin
We give all the wicked immortality Despite our efforts we will never be saved I call you all fakes but I follow in suit the Devils as real as you make him out to

Raised to degrade deformity Needles and pills we all learn to eat Razors and angles lies from the start In fear we are one it'll tear us apart

we find our way home from darkness and loneliness I will never crack I'll crucify all the fakes and never look back

Will they listen to us? No they don't give a damn No matter what you do They won't ever shake your hand Till the sailors comes home Till the prophets are lost We'll tell the priest to stop jerking on his Sunday school cross
Track Name: Bring Out The Dead
Bring out the dead

This cities burning It keeps burning It will eat you alive They'll skin your bodies leave you rotting as a feast for the flies they'll hold you down and no they'll never let go go go go go go go no they'll never let go

you keep on asking but they'll never give up you keep on asking but they'll never give in give in give up give in, but would you give in to me?

I've seen this happen before But it won't come back on me

Bring out the dead

The creeps keep coming, they'll keep coming till your covered in smut They'll push inside you Make you blind to every lie that they own.
Young and lost Born in Fear we've got to teach them to grow
Track Name: Bury A Legend (Feat William Control of Aiden)
We fall down like shells
from rusty shotguns held high
you see us as we were way back when
Like artists with paintings
Cement is now my canvas
I'll pollock you from the 13th story

in perfect silence we'll hide for your arrival
it ends tonight and we will make it happen

and we'll go down together the king is gone factitious crowns are broken

"explode like bombshells
your flesh won't make it through the burning night
I'll send you to meet Elvis
Abandon a world where all hope is lost
and we'll go down forever" - William Control
Track Name: Hell's Empty
This is the moment to choose your sides Everyone's got to pick if not then you're just born to die they're coming we're running but I refuse to feel the fire burn inside the devils eyes Hell's empty they walk among us tonight


such a tragedy free from all that you did to me, lets see how you do with something new I won't be there when you fall

The streets are ours we'll hang em high tonight We'll hold em back You run and hide this is our time to shine If broken, or battered spirits will never die Come one come all Join the rise hell's empty they walk among us tonight
Track Name: Words In Throats
With all respect I hope you choke On all these unsaid words lodged in your throat The room that housed us, plagues and corrodes Drunk we'll dance with cheap liqueur we'll toast

and we will fall faster and faster until our souls are filled with disaster and we will fall faster and faster no stopping us now we're not terrified anymore anymore

buried in this box, I'll cut a hole to breath Lost ignorance, lost our sanity thank you for the venom, cuz the pills are gone injected with nothing... but we bruised the arms
Track Name: A Lizard In Brenda (Feat Matt Good of From First To Last)
These lyrics are too much for you to read on here. Buy the physical cd to find them out:
Track Name: Neon Gods
All the preachers can't save us now
Next time you come around
you need to take a bow
it's not bills I'm after
in the neon lights
in the darkman fights
in the carbonation
We'll die with laughter
Cut it up
Flush your love
right down with all the bastards
vote no one
build a gun
And blow out your brain matter.

You want to be us now?
what happen to the hate
I thought that you were better than us, that you're afraid of change
You want to be us now?
What happen to your friends
they left you cuz you were done
doing what they wanted you to do for them

Bring the knives
And I will bring the gas
And if you light this up
We'll die with laughter
lick the boot
cuz the shit you do
will never rep your crew
so go to space with bastards
smoke those bills
Kill the lights
fairy dust wont take me home.
Buy some friends
Play pretend
well I guess this is growing up

What happen to your hate?
Hate Me.
Track Name: Lived In Shadows
I've been in these woods alone watching the brown leaves fall so slow It reminds me of my friends I'm the branch with cold breeze soon I'll be bare

Light a face up smell the candles warmth within will soon depart But this elegance we hold so dear will never be misguided in our hearts

We've stolen these souls We've taken them whole

I've lived in shadows
We've all Lived There Before
I've died with darkness
We've all Died there before

Cemeteries in our minds Keep us trapped lost in time Remembering what we've lost Will only keep us In the frost

Cut the wrists feel the sadness But it won't make you human We're all beasts In the shadows Behind closed doors We'll fed again

We've stolen these souls We've taken them whole

I've lived in shadows
We've all Lived There Before
I've died with darkness
We've all Died there before

Have you spent time In the hallow Phantoms follow Call you by name Have you spent time Smelling Autumn As the pale moon Strikes again

Collecting skulls On your walls It's never seemed so easy In the night They'll call out Once a year we'll open the gates
Track Name: Perversions May Vary
Watch Lyric Video Here:
Track Name: They Call Me "The Devil"
You've spoken your side You've taken your life Well it looks like the end well it looks like the end well it looks like the end , for us

Well whatcha got man You know it's not me It's just a fragment It's just a passion We've got no questions Only actions And in the well down the bodies lay Since oh one (01) the bodies stayed And there's no one That can be saved So give me nothing And we'll do nothing But that's not how you operate.

They whisper what they think of me They question, what they believe It's obvious that they're afraid But they show it off like their all saved

Tell me what you think Tell me what you believe Tell me what you think Tell me what you believe

Get all the boys here Get all the girls here Get em on your side Get em to be numb Get em all afraid Get em all ashamed Make them yours YOURS YOURS and you'll always be the king When you hear a truth take em out one by one TELL EM GO GO GO I be you know its so tell all the scene I'm from below...

Tell them who I am Tell them who you want me to be... Goodbye to my name And goodbye to me... I am now what is wrong I'm now all that is bad Call me out by name

They Call Me THE DEVIL