Forgotten As a Ghost

by One Last Shot

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This song is about the 150,000 people who die every day in this world. It's about the fact you usually don't know them and what they've done with their lives. It's about how majority will be inevitably forgotten in time, even if they've done good things with their lives or to others.


'I hide the voices in my head
The haunting they suggest
My minds been broken
from all we ignore
Scream "Hallelujah",
We'll answer, 'No.'

Forgive me, I am sin.
And I know just what I did...
Sometimes Dead is better
The next scream you'll hear
Will be your own!


You want to save my heart
but you cannot find my soul
do you see you're not alone
do you hear I'm screaming hope
When the world is feeling lost
And deaths breath is coming close
Will you remember me?
Oh will i be...
Forgotten as a ghost?

Kick down
abandoned like a stray
so much love
it turns to hate...
They nightmares we all feel
From the seance that
reveals our fears

Why can I not be you?
Why do you get this life?
I'm going to cut off your skin
and attach it to me
so I can be alright

I can see them
I can feel them
Death is here
& It's coming for me now'


released January 26, 2016
Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by Steve Sopchak at the Square Studios
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Lyrics by Jeremy Romance
Written by: David Royal, Angelo Zinkovitch, Adam Vlassis, Jeremy Romance




One Last Shot Syracuse, New York

"Horror-influenced hardcore-punk quintet One Last Shot propel their band in a manner befitting their name, setting aside both anxiety and frustration to grasp every opportunity presented to them without fear—as if it’s their last." -Alternative Press

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