Prescription Daydreams

by One Last Shot

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This song is about being physically and mentally ill & the frustrations that come with it.


Lyrics by Jeremy Romance
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'Well I guess that this is where it ends
my tank is finally empty
& we've got nothing left to lose
my faith is gone

But I guess that's what you get when you try to avenge
the venom that you left
when you stabbed us in the back
you fuck.

I'll never wake
Prescription daydreams
Will not keep me alive
Don't tell me I'm fine
These razors don't lie
None of this
will mean a thing
Unless you're coming with me.

There goes that whore again...
In that dress you fucking hate
but I adore it so much
I'll stay in drag for days

Take these photos as proof
get relief in the worst ways
close your eyes and think of me
like your vampires on tv

Follow my veins like roadways
this Death won't mean a thing
& there's no room in heaven for me
Follow my veins like roadways
this Death won't mean a goddamn thing
Unless you're coming with me'


released January 16, 2016
Recorded/ Mixed/ Mastered by Steve Sopchak at the Square Studios

Lyrics by Jeremy Romance
Written by: David Royal, Angelo Zinkovitch, Adam Vlassis, Jeremy Romance, Kevin Mcginn

released January 16, 2016




One Last Shot Syracuse, New York

"Horror-influenced hardcore-punk quintet One Last Shot propel their band in a manner befitting their name, setting aside both anxiety and frustration to grasp every opportunity presented to them without fear—as if it’s their last." -Alternative Press

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